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Why You Need Best Golf Bags for Golf

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April 22, 2019
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Why You Need Best Golf Bags for Golf

Many famous golfers once were golf caddies, like Byron Nelson, Walter Hagen, Seve Ballesteros, etc. Michael Campbell also once was golf caddy his father. If you wish to know much more info or jokes, you might read this hilarious article – Hottest Golf Gift Ideas for Christmas. A good caddy isn’t just brought a golf bag but has a wealth of golf knowledge. So a golf caddy will be well aware of the situation on the playing field, he should be a good guide, and who’re also consultants, coaches, referees, buddies along with other duties. A good caddy and best golf bags may help you improve performance in the race, on the contrary, can cause you problems.

Golf veteran – Sam Snead once encountered such a problem, in 1946, Sam Snead had a conflict with his golf caddy, like clearly this distance should be used 6 shot, and his caddy suggested that he happens to use 5 or 7 lever rod. Even though Sam Snead got this victory, he wasn’t unpleasant. There is another story about Sam Snead and his cheap golf bags, it might be a misfortune for Sam Snead. He’s a golf caddy of Tiger Woods who won the 100 world champion often times.

Who’s he? he’s the Queen’s caddy of Tiger Wood – Steve Williams. He’s a good golf friend with Tiger Woods, he always gives some ideas to choose the right golf clubs. Steve Williams who had been born in New Zealand start to work for Tiger Woods in 2000, since then on, he occupied the top spot in top-notch caddies. Perhaps it’s a bit dull to bring a golf bag, Steve has another very thrilling hobby – cars. I recall he returned to New Zealand for a vacation in early in 2005, he couldn’t wait to participate a local racing, then an accident happened.

He wasn’t hurt, but Tiger Woods was scared with it. Even though the work of caddies and best golf cart bags is to provide services and assistance, including pulling package, the election lever, giving some suggestion, they also able to become buddies with the golfer. The golfer must communicate with caddy it’d give full play to their role, but additionally to make our playing experience more colorful.

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