On the one hand, there are tastes and colors, on the other hand, there is a balance to be found between lightness and functionality. Here are our tips for buying the right best golf cart bags.

We’d like it to be light, chic, not too bulky but big, and full of pockets to hold our 14 clubs, our balls, our rain gear, our personal belongings. Don’t dream, the ideal bag doesn’t exist. You’ll have to make compromises. Before you buy, here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

1. Determine your use

Best golf cart bags or tripod bag? The first – as its name suggests – is placed on a cart. Larger in size, it is generally appreciated by competitors who can store drinks, snacks, clothes, a rangefinder – in short, everything they need to deal with the hazards of a game. Alongside them, cart bags have recently appeared, with a strap to attach to the back of the vehicle, compartments with notches to prevent clubs from moving, and a pocket to store the shoulder strap.

These king-size models compete with tripod bags, which are intended to be carried on the shoulder. Less cumbersome, they seduce many golfers who do not hesitate to put them on a cart, even if they are not very stable. “Make sure the trolley is equipped with Velcro to secure the tripod or opt for the new Trolem carts, which have a notched support designed to hold this type of bag,” advises Valérie Bories at US Golf.

2. Pay attention to weight

No more heavy leather or PVC bags. With lighter structures and featherweight Nylons, the golf bag has melted. Its weight now varies from 1.2 to 4 kg. Depending on its size, of course. The size is determined in inches, from 6 to 11, and corresponds to the diameter of the bag opening. Eight inches is more than enough to store a complete set. Once weighted, the bag weighs a good ten kilos, twice as much for professional players: “When I travel, my golf bag loaded with my bag, my shoes, my stock of balls for four days of the tournament, is close to 25 kg, notes Gregory Havret, which sometimes earns me a few disputes with airlines. “

3. Prioritize storage

“To be well organized, you need a lot of pockets you should buy best golf cart bags. And they must open wide to easily grab your things, without wasting time,” explains Laurence Rozner, director of Golf Plus Paris. The good news for the player, the trend is for multi-pocket bags. Most manufacturers equip their models with is othermal storage, velvet-lined pockets for precious objects, mini-pockets for tees, compartments for phones, and sunglasses. The same concern for organization applies to the club dividers. You need at least four of them, partitioned from bottom to top and padded to protect grips and shafts. More and more models offer 14 compartments – one for each rod. This is very practical but ultimately much heavier.

4. Pay attention to handling

When traveling, the golf bag must be easy to carry. To load it in the trunk of your car, make sure it has two handles, top and bottom. For the tripod bag, the double strap is essential. Remember, a decade ago, this was sold as a do-it-yourself accessory to balance the weight of the bag on the back. Today, except for a few “first prices”, most models are equipped with adjustable and padded straps at the lumbar level.

5.Check the finishing touches

Among the latest innovations, we like the cartridge pouch for tees, the external storage for the putter, the rain cover supplied with the bag and housed in a dedicated pocket, the detachable pockets, easy to take to the clubhouse, and the 100% waterproof treatment of the zippers to resist heavy rain