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I know you are searching for the best golf bag for your upcoming round. I have reviewed a few golf bags in my site and you are in one of the golf bag section. So Callaway golf cart bag is one of the famous and well-featured bag getting the good sale today. A Callaway golf bag will help you by giving you sufficient storage and transportation.  One of the best reason you should buy these best golf bags is its 14 cart or divider. You can also carry this bag on your shoulder because this bag has a strap to allow you. Buying callaway golf bag will be the big step for you. This famous golf bags will meet your all queries and all your needs you want. Suppose you are looking for a lightweight golf bag for your next tour.

What you will do? you might ask a golfer who knows the best golf bags. No doubt any golfer will answer you and ask you to buy a Callaway golf bag. The wide variety of colors, styles, features are available in this bag. I must say that Callaway golf bag has one special feature and that is its carrying capacity.

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→ Callaway Golf bag contains 14 way top with Individual full-length club dividers.

→ Contains 10 pockets

→ Pockets are included with water-resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket.

→ Callaway golf bag contains two insulated cooler pockets

→ 2 integrated molded grab handles

→ E trolly base system is highly installed

→ Integrated umbrella sleeve

→ Callaway golf club bag will hold all the clubs, balls, putters etc easily.

→ Amazon choosed this golf bag as their favorite.

→ You can get varieties of colors ranging from black, silver, and white.

→ Adjustable and comfortable straps

→ No.1 choice for the golfers

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  • One of the best feature or pros of Callaway golf bag is its carrying capacity or lightweight system. You will feel free and relaxed after getting this bag in the cart

  • If you love to walk around the golf court you can order for the Callaway golf cart bag.

  • Will provide you different holes for each golf clubs for sure.

  • Callaway golf bag will be very easy to use and handling

  • Famous for its great functionality.

  • This stylish golf bag is containing separate spaces for bottled water, hat, face towel etc.

  • Storage is the biggest feature of Callaway golf bag. You will never run out of space even you can carry everything you want with you.

  • The top quality golf bag for sure

  • Great top end club organization

  • Big fan of the colors

  • Loaded up feels good on the shoulder

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  • Only few  colors are added

  • Zippers are tight enough but will give you best

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Question: 1

Does this bag come with a shoulder strap.?

Answer:  Yes

Question: 2

Which is the weight of the bag? 5.8 kilos or 5.8 pounds


This model is lighter than the previous model. It comes in at just 5.8 pounds empty (no clubs or beverages), which is 2.6 kilos for the conversion-challenged. You are going to love the placement of the primary cooler pocket. It’s right above the ball pocket, and keeps drinks cooler than the previous side pocket design


Does it come with a cover for top


Yes. This includes a rain hood

Question: 4

As the Cooler pockets don’t drain what do you use instead of ice to keep cans cool?


I always use blue freezer inserts, which are lighter, recyclable and never melt. Always wipe the pocket dry pocket dry before storage to prevent mildew.

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Final words

After reading the whole article you might have come to the place of buying. I must say that this extraordinary golf bag will make your tour a pleasure. Callaway is the big name of golf. All these bags are exclusive and affordable too. You will never choose another company if you experience a Callaway golf bag. So I have added here the features, pros, cons, and price. If you liked this product you can see on Amazon.