Sun Mountain C-130 cart bag

One of the best golf cart bags for 2020 is the Sun Mountain C-130. The performers in this bag have clearly been upgraded, the actors translated in the past have improved significantly and some of the features that we will say are unique. Despite having so many different bags on the market we are confident that there is absolutely something for everyone.

Our best-selling cart bag, the Sun Mountain C-130 was designed to work optimally on a cart. A huge 14-top metallic plus club with full-length dividers and dedicated cushions provides organization, while 13 forward pockets enable unmatched storage possibilities and the smart strap system provides a secure attachment for each vehicle. The reverse orientation features three utility handles, a cart bumper, a smart strap system, and a magnetic closure, with convenient, wide, velour-lined rangefinder pockets designed for vehicle use starting at the top. In addition, all pockets are front and accessible while in the bag cart.

In this best golf cart bags Separator: 10.5 “, 14-way full length with dedicated potter.

Sun Mountain C-130

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  • Pocket: 13
  • Full 2 full-length dress pocket
  • Ventilated cooler pocket
  • 2 velour-lined precious pockets (1 water-resistant)
  • Quick access, magnetic rangefinder pocket


Cool golf bags Dedicated runs the full length of the bag to secure the fourteen separate club separator clubs and prevent the shifting of the club shafts, including a dedicated potter bogie.
Best Golf bags are containing thirteen pockets contain two full-length dres pockets;

A ventilated, cool pocket; a Rangefinder pocket with magnetic closure; and two velour-lined pockets, one of which is water-resistant.

The smart strap system connects the two Velcro strapped bags to a riding cart which prevents the bag from rotating on the cart and the straps of the riding cart prevent the pocket from interfering.
When the bag is strapped to a cart, the cart strap ensures full access to the packets.

Rain combined rain hood included.

Advantages of using court bags:

  • Just don’t just count the pockets. Consider the standard and functionality of the space for storage. With limited accessibility, there is no next value in the pocket. Look for pockets that are easily accessible and can hold what you need.
  • Do you carry GPS or Rangefinder? While many prefer to keep it in the car with them, the best cart bags of 2020 have a thought-provoking magnetic pocket to provide easy access to your favorite electronic distance measuring device.
  • If you have a large crocodile grip, a separate crocodile wheel is effective. Make sure the bag you choose matches the diameter of your crocodile grip.
  • If you often play a course with a limited or a water station, consider a double water bottle pouch or a bag with a large insulating pocket.
  • Waterproof bags can help, if your bag gets wet in any round, wipe it off, empty it completely and leave it in a warm place. Before using it, allow it to dry completely.
  • The color of a bag will fade. To help prolong its original color, keep it out of direct sunlight whenever possible.