Do You Know How to Buy the Best Golf Bags? Here are the Tips


Best Golf bags are offered in many variations so that every player can find the right bag for his needs. Especially for beginners, however, this often leads to uncertainty at first. So what should you look for and what should you consider when choosing a golf bag?

The most important facts about golf bags in brief:

Golf bags come in variants that are carried on the back and those that are transported on golf carts.

An important criterion in the selection process is the number of compartments and subdivisions.

The numerous possible extras can be very practical for some players, but often represent an unnecessary burden for others.

What is a golf bag?

A golf bag is a bag designed specifically for use on the golf course. It is used to transport all golf equipment from hole to hole. Usually, it is made of durable plastic material and is divided into several compartments and side pockets. Depending on the type of golf bag, it also has to carry straps or loops for fixing it on a golf cart.

What is the purpose of the best golf cart bags?

A golf course is naturally very large and you have to cover long distances on it between holes. For the game, you need to carry a lot of equipment, from clubs to golf clothes and small items such as ball markers. Since you are on the road for a long time, it is also practical to have drinks or snacks with you, and, depending on the weather, you often take additional clothing with you that you can put on if you get cold while playing.

In order to carry all of this comfortably and without having to run back and forth several times, you need a bag that offers a lot of space and yet is clearly organized. Golf bags were developed for exactly this task. They are designed to meet the exact needs of golfers and their equipment, so when chosen correctly, they provide the player with the optimal transportation solution.

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Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag
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What types of golf bags are there?

Since the needs of individual players vary greatly, there are also different variants of golf bags. First and foremost, there are two main types: cart bags and stand bags. Pencil bags are a lesser-known subgroup that is becoming increasingly popular.

What is a cart bag?

A cart bag is a golf bag designed to be pulled or pushed around the course on a golf trolley. Because they are rarely lifted and carried, these bags are heavier and often a bit sturdier than other models.

Cart bags are therefore particularly well suited for older or weaker people who cannot or should not carry heavy loads. They are also particularly recommended for children who are still growing and could suffer postural deformities from too much weight.

However, since a trolley must be purchased in addition to the bag, cart bags come more expensive than other models. More space is needed to store and transport the golf equipment to the golf course, and those who have to carry the equipment up or down stairs have heavier loads to carry.

What is the best golf stand Bag?

Stand Bags are carried on shoulder straps like backpacks and can then be set upright at their new location. For this purpose, these models have two fold-out metal rods with stand feet at the end.

Stand bags are designed to be space-saving and lightweight, while still providing convenient access to rackets. They are especially good for taking on trips and for strong golfers who have no problem carrying all their equipment on their backs.

However, with stand bags, you should pay extra close attention to even weight distribution. The shoulder straps need to be well padded and adjustable so that the load doesn’t pinch and can be carried without undue strain. Tip: If possible, the heaviest pieces of equipment should be in the middle and directly on the back. This will create the least amount of additional pulling forces.

What is a pencil bag or a cheap golf bag?

Pencil bags are also carried on the back. They are even lighter than stand bags because they also do away with the stand legs. Instead, they have little feet at the top that lift it up a bit.

Pencil bags are especially recommended for minimalists who want to travel quickly and easily with relatively little equipment. They can be stowed particularly well and usually still have two or three dividers for the clubs and two outer compartments for the rest of the equipment.

Due to their low position, however, access to them is rather inconvenient. For people who do not want to bend down every time they change clubs, these bags are therefore unsuitable and those who are traveling with a particularly large amount of equipment should also opt for a different golf bag version.

What should you consider when buying the best golf cart bags?

– How many clubs can I carry?

The number of clubs with which golfers actually go on the course varies. To avoid wasting space, it is advisable to choose a golf bag of the right size. The smallest models can hold only seven clubs and the largest 14.

Modern golf bags usually offer a subdivision of the club compartment into smaller compartments into which one or two clubs are inserted. This makes the bag a bit wider and heavier but makes it easier to pull out the club. It also makes it easier to see if a club is missing.

– What additional features does the best golf bags have?

Another important differentiator is the number and size of additional pockets and compartments on the bag. Cart bags in particular can have up to seven different pockets that are suitable for different pieces of equipment.

The main thing to look for here is that there is at least one small compartment where you can stash small items that slip down into larger compartments and then become difficult to find. A securely hidden valuables pouch is recommended if you don’t want to carry your money and smartphone on your body all the time on the course.

The other compartments should be selected depending on individual needs and preferences. It is therefore worthwhile to make a list of everything you want to have with you on the seat before buying. It is also important not to forget about items that are only taken along on a case-by-case basis, for example, depending on the weather or the season. For example, a separate clothing compartment ensures that the sweater does not get dirty on the way through contact with other items.

– How much does the golf bag weigh?

Keeping the weight as low as possible is especially crucial for carrying golf bags. However, it should not be completely neglected when choosing cart bags either. A heavier bag can give the trolley better stability in windy conditions, but it also makes it a bit harder to push and adds weight, at least when loading equipment into the car.

However, avoiding extra weight should not lead to excessive markdowns on gear. An inadequately compartmentalized golf bag can lead to the scratching of clubs, and overly thin material will shorten the bag’s life. For stand bags, also make sure that the legs are strong and sturdy enough.

– How durable is the model?

In order to enjoy your golf bag for a long time, it must be made of high-quality sturdy material that cannot tear easily. All seams should be neat and, if possible, double to prevent bursting on them as well. Ideally, they should even be welded to be waterproof.

The most vulnerable spot on most golf bags is the top of the dividers in the club compartment. It is exposed to the most stress when clubs are replaced and should therefore be particularly resistant.

– Is the golf bag stable?

Stand bags must be stable and secure, even if the ground is somewhat uneven or damp. This means their feet must provide good grip and the folding mechanism must engage securely. If this is not the case, the bag can suddenly collapse in windy conditions or if handled too violently.

With the cart bag, on the other hand, more attention should be paid to the secure connection with the trolley and the strength of the loops. Its stability depends more on the golf cart on which it is mounted. Pencil bags usually have good stability anyway due to their lying position.

– Is the bag waterproof?

A waterproof bag is an advantage if you want to golf in rainy and humid weather. It prevents not only the penetration of moisture from the outside but also that when carrying drinks, a leaking bottle or can immediately soaks the entire equipment.

To ensure this, however, the seams and zippers must also be waterproof. In addition, there should be a rain cover that you can pull over the top of the bag to prevent rain from getting into the racket compartment.

Are there personalized or funny-designed best golf bags?

Golf bags can be personalized with a name or logo. This not only looks particularly classy but above all helps prevent confusion. A uniform club logo also strengthens the feeling of togetherness.

Of course, a funny picture or humorous inscription can also be chosen. However, unusually shaped golf bags are not advisable, as they lead to a poorly balanced load and are highly impractical on the course. At most, something like this is suitable as a humorous gift item.


Golf bags should be, above all, durable, lightweight, and practical. Depending on your preferences and playing habits, there are different sizes, features, and transport options. Therefore, before buying it is important to think carefully about how you want to use the golf bag and what you want to store in it. You should take your time when choosing and look closely at many different models.

Frequently asked questions about golf bags:

What is the purpose of a rain cover on a golf bag?

A rain cover is a cover that protects the whole bag from water, unlike the rain cover. It is therefore useful when the material or the seams and closures are not completely waterproof and it rains heavily.

Is a golf bag with a cooling compartment useful?

A cooler compartment is a useful extra if you want to take cold drinks to the green in the summer. However, since it also takes up space and makes the bag heavier, it is usually only found in cart bags.

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