Do You Know How to Choose the Best Golf Cart Bags ?


What is a cart bag used for?

Best Golf Cart Bags, as its name suggests, is to be placed on a golf cart. They are perfect for carrying your golf clubs on the course without having to put your golf bag on the ground.

Thanks to the cart, transporting your equipment is easy.

Also known for their many pockets, they allow you to carry all your golf equipment (clubs, balls, drinks, GPS and rangefinder, clothes…) with several storage spaces appropriate for each product.

Best Golf Cart Bags is designed to carry a large amount of golf equipment.

Criteria for choosing Best Golf Cart Bags

The use of your cart bag is the determining factor in choosing the criteria associated with it.

Several elements will differ from one cart bag to another, including weight, number of compartments, and finishes.

For example, a player looking for performance with a lot of equipment on the course should choose a cart bag with plenty of storage for all of their golf equipment.

The weight varies from one best golf bags to another (on average between 1.5kg and 4.3kg). Generally speaking, cart bags are now made up of much lighter structures than before. A small number of interior compartments will make your cart bag lighter.

In terms of golf equipment storage, almost all Best Golf Cart Bags offer multiple compartments.

However, there are some features to consider such as the waterproof nature of the storage pockets (waterproof) to insert technological equipment (GPS, rangefinders…), the isothermal storage which is also necessary, especially during long courses for more comfort as well as the number of compartments allowing you to store all your golf clubs.

Finally, the finish is purely a choice of comfort and practicality during the game. Depending on the cart bag you choose, you may have external storage for your putters, rain covers or detachable pockets, cartridge cases for your tees, as well as completely waterproof materials that are resistant to heavy rain.

Major brands of golf cart bags and cheap golf bags

There are many different brands of cart bags. Golf Land offers you a selection of them, which you can find on our website or in our Megastore in the Paris area: Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Ping, Titleist

Buying a cheap golf bag: my advice

Buying a bag is one of the first questions you will ask yourself if you start playing golf and buying equipment.

A golfer’s equipment can represent a substantial budget: between the clubs, the bag, the shoes, and the green fee…

My advice is to stay on a reasonable investment for your golf bag while opting for a good quality/price ratio! Believe me, you don’t want to break your piggy bank every 6 months.

So here is an article that I have prepared for you to advise you of your choice, and to propose to you the models that I have been able to try or find on the internet.

Playing golf with a golf stand bag, a holdall bag, or a cart bag?

The golf bag is the accessory that allows you to carry all your equipment throughout your round. There are three types of bags based on weight and size. The number of compartments and pockets differs between models. In principle, a good bag should be durable, functional, and able to hold all of your clubs with care, while offering easy access for quick changes.

The Soft Bag

The duffel or “soft” bag is a bag that you can carry on your shoulders during your round. It is the smallest and lightest of the golf bags I will introduce to you.

It can be removed and put back on your shoulders in no time so you can concentrate on your game. A particularity that can explain its lightness: it does not have a tripod. The golfer generally leaves it on the ground while hitting.

Best Golf Stand Bags

The tripod bag is very common and can be carried on the shoulder or a cart. Thanks to its tripod, it remains stable on all surfaces during the game.

A little heavier than its cousin the duffel bag, this one is more suitable for athletes or vehicular players as it requires energy to carry.

Larger than the holdall bag, the tripod bag also allows you to store balls, umbrellas, and other accessories in the various pockets provided for this purpose. It is therefore a wise choice for players who have quite a lot of equipment.

Best Golf Cart Bags

As the name suggests, this is a bag that can be placed on a cart, making it easy to carry. You don’t need to carry it, and that’s good because it’s much heavier than the two previous ones. Its large volume is a great asset for golfers loaded with all kinds of equipment. With this bag, you can carry everything you need to improve your performance: drinks, snacks, clothes, a rangefinder, etc.

What’s in a golf bag?

Since your golf bag will keep you company during the entire course, it is necessary to know the most important items it should contain.

The capacity of a bag depends on the level and frequency of play of the person using it. For beginners, for example, the bag can be reduced and contain what we call a half set of clubs: a Sandwedge, a 3, 5, 7, 9 iron, a 3, 5 wood, and a putter. For a professional player, the bag will be heavier. The complete and classic composition of a professional golf bag is made up of 14 clubs in total distributed as follows: a Putter, a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 iron, a PW, a Sandwege, a 1, 3, 4, 5 wood.

Finally, whether you are an amateur or a professional, there are a variety of brands on the market that allow everyone to find their way around and fit on the playing field.

Comparison of the best golf bags

After having tested several models, here is the selection that I would like to present to beginners. These are 3 sets of half-series that I recommend especially to those who start to buy their clubs.

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