Hey guys Rayhan here,  and today’s gonna be another great day I just finished mowing the lawn. I got Jack-Jack here to say hi Jack-Jack we’re gonna go to the park in just a little bit and then I got to come home. and do some editing and work on some videos that we filmed this

past week. So the question of the day what kind of bag do you use is it a stand bag is it a cart bag is it a Sunday bag? Do you have multiple bags that you use at different times put those in the comments below we look forward to hearing from you? you’re down there go-ahead hit that subscribes button give us a thumbs up because YouTube likes that and let’s go putz around hit the ball.

alright, guys let’s have a chat about all the different types of best golf bags. You have a stand bag you have a cart bag you have a staff bag. Didn’t have a sundae bag and I classify a cart bag at a stay and a staff bag differently. Because they function differently so there are three main factors that we needed to think about when choosing a bag. that’s right for us first one’s gonna be weight second one is going to be ease of carrying ability. I don’t know that’s org and then the third one’s gonna be hole size and pockets I think that that’s gonna be the three main things. let’s get into talking about cheap golf bags. alright, guys right here in my garage and I want to talk about the three tips, I have for picking the right bag. and the first one’s gonna be the weight. I have three different types of bags here I have a cart bag a stand bag and a staff bag. Let’s start with the static stand back here. the stand bag generally weighs anywhere between 12 and 15 pounds it’s not necessarily the lightest thing in the world which makes it ideal for carts.

I have seen a lot of people use these don’t use them with a pushcart just because of the extra weight that’s on there next is gonna be golf stand bags. and these waiting between six and ten to 11 pounds depending on how bulky of a stand the bag. you get they do make some hybrid stand best golf cart bags that way a little bit more but the majority of them are gonna weigh between seven and ten pounds