Have you heard the name of the golden bear? if not then you have not played golf yet. Jack Nicklaus is one of the famous golfers of all time even research shows that lots of people made him the greatest golfers of all time. He is the retired person of America but he lives in the hearts of golf lovers. During his career, he used to win 18 major championships in golf tournaments. Even he was in second place 19 times and was 3rd 9 times in tournaments. What you can say about him ? all he achieved these records in only 25 years you know. Usually, major championship includes the master tournaments, us open, open championship, and PGA tour. He used played beautifully on the regular PGA Tour. Jack Nicklaus ends with 73 wins and he became third on the all-time list. He is behind by only two great players like Sam Snead (82) and Tiger Woods (80).

Jack Nicklaus

Jack’s Turn Rounds in Golf

In 1959 Jack Nicklaus won his first amateur cup after great hard work by him. He used to be challenging for the 1960 open championship and became second. When it was 1961 jack was 21 years old. Can u imagine at the age of 21 Jack Nicklaus was a professional golf player? If you look at the 1962 open championship you can see that Jack Nicklaus win his first professional cup and he won against the Palmer by three shots in the next day 18 hole playoffs. After this great win against Palmer made him the lifetime rival of Palmer and the game began. Jack Nicklaus and Palmer were the two legends in the golf course. 1966 was one of the best years of Nicklaus because in that year he won the master championship cup. Even he won the tournament for the 2nd in a row. He became the first golfer to achieve the record. After that Jack Nicklaus won the major championship too. When he was only 26 he made such an unbreakable record at that time and was one of the best players. Even Jack Nicklaus won another open championship in 1970.

Great Achievements

Last Time in Course

From 1971- 1980 Jack Nicklaus attended most of the golf tournaments. Can u imagine he used to win 9 major championships during that 1971-1980? He overtook bobby jones record of 13 majors. Jack Nicklaus became the first player who used to complete double and triple career slams of golfs four major championships. 1986 jack Nicklaus played the major championships. At that time he was aged 46 and you will be amazed to know that he claimed 18 major championships at that time and was the tournament’s most old winner. Even in 1990, Jack Nicklaus joined the Senior PGA Tour (now known as the PGA tour championship) when he became eligible in January 1990. If you look at 1996 he has already won the 10 tournaments. He played in very limited time but despite this limitation, he has won 8 major championships during the 6 years. Until it is 2005 jack Nicklaus continued to play four regular tour majors.

Last Time in Course

After he retires from playing golf jack Nicklaus taken part in golf course design. He has designed some beautiful golf courses. Even he has attended lots of charity work and also written books. Even he is also running the tournament named PGA tour, the memorial tournament. You will be happy to know that Jack Nicklaus’s golf design company is the best in the world.