Callaway manufactures are some of the best clubs on the market, so it’s only natural that their cool golf bags would be worthy of carrying them. They are among the most common sights on golf courses everywhere, and it’s no accident.

There are Callaway’s best golf bags for every occasion and every type of golfer. The best golf cart bags range from six to 10.5 pounds, and the carry bags are even lighter. The Chev18 Stand Bag is less than four pounds, one of the lightest available on the market.

All the Callaway cheap golf bags have ample storage space, both for clubs and accessories. They have pockets everywhere and are durable enough to take all kinds of punishment.

Each Callaway golf stand bag is also designed to be functional, with the cart bags having forward-facing pockets to ensure easy access and a neck that’s easy to lock to the cart. The stand bags are light and balanced, easy to pick up and carry for 18 holes. Design-wise, each bag just looks like a Callaway. From the classic color schemes to the oversized logos, these bags stand out in both their looks and their performance.

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Callaway Cheap Golf Bags are Best

For women looking to spice up their golf gear with a bit of added bling, the Callaway Brocade best golf Cart bags fit the bill nicely.

The Callaway Brocade Cart bag looks like something that could appear on a fashion runway. It’s stylishly designed in black, white, and silver, with embroidery featuring Rhinestone-studded detailing. Three headcovers and an accessory pouch are included, and each has the same decoration. And for those looking to make even more of a statement, all of this matches the company’s women Brocade shoes.

Of course, golf is about a lot more than looking good, and the Callaway Brocade best golf bags under 100 ranks as a top-performer at the functional end of the scale as well. It’s a lightweight six pounds with a three-way divider system to offer easy access to any club in the arsenal. Eight zippered pockets take good care of the equipment, with a hidden mesh pocket for valuables.

The Callaway Brocade cool golf bags for sale retails for $189.99, but the statement that it makes when it is first noticed on the golf cart makes it a bargain for women looking for a golf bag that both looks and feels like one of the best available.

Callaway Chev 18 Cart Bag Review

Just because a bag is going on a golf cart instead of being carried for 18 holes doesn’t mean that weight isn’t an issue. The Callaway Chev 18 discount golf Cart bags comes in at a scant six pounds but packs a lot of features into that small space.

The Callaway Chev discount golf Cart bag has a four-way top with two full-length dividers to organize the clubs. It adds six zippered pockets to store everything a golfer might need throughout the round, and all of them are easily accessible when the back is strapped to the cart. Two additional mesh pockets are designed to fit water bottles or any other beverage of choice.

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Everything about the Callaway Chev 18 best golf cart bags is designed to shave weight without sacrificing durability. The multi-material construction melds nylon fabric with mesh and polyester accents that stays stable thanks to the anti-crush system, a Callaway patented technology that doesn’t allow the reduced weight to affect performance. Co-molded base lugs offer additional stability and traction.

Retailing for $140, the Callaway Chev 18 best golf bags with coolers packs a lot of performance into its lightweight package.

Callaway Org 14 Stadium Cart Bag

A place for everything, and everything in its place. That is the theory behind the Callaway Org 14 Stadium high-end golf bags

The Callaway Org 14 Stadium best golf bags under 100 has a 14-compartment divider system, allowing each club its compartment and making it easy to both find clubs during a round and double-check to make sure all of the clubs are still there at the end of the day and the pitching wedge isn’t still lying forlornly by the 17th green. That organizing compartment is in a multi-leveled stadium top design, so clubs can be placed in the most efficient way possible and golfers can access them more easily. A separate tube for the putter always places that club in easy reach.

As for storing everything else, the Callaway Org. 14 Stadium cheap golf bags has eight pockets, included an oversized insulated cooler pocket to keep the heat away from cool beverages. An umbrella holder makes it easy to keep the rain away.

The Callaway Org. 14 Stadium Cart bag retails for $159.99. It’s a nice choice as a cart bag that offers easy access to every feature it offers and every club and cool a golfer could need.

TaylorMade Golf Bag

Available in four colours and ready to use, this premium golf bag comes with a four compartment divider, rain cover and umbrella slot – you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way. TaylorMade is an affordable brand, while offering you fair durability. Users report having this bag for an average of 3 to 5 years before noticing wear and tear (weekend use).

The comfortable shoulder strap and perfect split stand make this bag easy to use; it is a lightweight bag that is not designed for heavy use or professional touring. The bag is extremely easy to clean and includes a pocket for valuables. If you’re a serious golfer, be sure to also check out our list of the best GPS golf watches for other items like this one.



  • 4-way organizational top
  • Sturdy and durable stand
  • Comfortable shoulder strap

Prosimmon Professional Tour Bag

With a velcro glove holder, multiple zipped pockets for your valuables and an attached towel ring, you get everything you need for the course. Instead of a case, you get an external umbrella strap to secure it. It uses less material and weighs less, allowing optimal space for the external putter tube, which is specially designed for a large-headed putter. With an included rain cap and the most simplistic design you’ve ever used, your day’s play isn’t dictated by bad weather.


  • Velcro glove holder
  • Towel ring
  • Inexpensive, professional quality

Cobra Ultralite golf bag

The perfect combination of cost, efficiency and the features you need, not just want. Cobra came out on top for its design and durability, among other things. You get five zippered pockets, a zippered pocket and an open top pocket with five compartments and full length dividers for your clubs.

This bag is available in a variety of colours to match the contours of your golf attire, and can also be supplied in a standard sized cart bag. This model also includes a rain cover for those rainy days, one-shoulder zippers for quick transport, and a weight of just over two pounds when empty. Biscuits or veterans looking for a change; you’ve met your ultimate golf bag. Don’t forget to also check out our guide to the best golf carts for more items like this.


  • Stand up bag
  • Insulated drink pocket
  • Comfortable strap for easy carrying

TaylorMade Flextech – Flextech Shoulder Bag

TaylorMade bags are convenient for when you’re out on the course alone, and all without breaking your wallet in half. Available in five styles and featuring a custom insulated water bottle pocket, this stand bag also includes a large insulated cooler pocket for bringing in perishables to enjoy after the ninth hole. TaylorMade is known for its easy-to-clean bags, reliable holders, and unique Flextech technology that allows you to fill your golf bag with everything you need. Less material, more storage for your money


  • Flextech fabric
  • 14 club mid-lift divider
  • Wide and comfortable shoulder strap

Callaway Golf 2018 Org 14 Cart Bag

Callaway is the king, and when you look at everything they offer in this pack, you can’t deny that fact. There are seven different styles to choose from, so you can coordinate your attire, hat, gloves, and so on. You’ve got it all at your fingertips: a double pen holder and a set of fourteen full-length dividers put it at the top of our list of best golf gifts.

Plus, if you’re sketching your caddy, there are two high-value magnetic pockets with a very audible snap when the clasps close. Callaway builds only tough, durable bags. You’ll enjoy them for ten years with proper care, so you can take your bag, your A-game, and come home with a championship title. Our handy golf coolers feature other products like this.


Callaway Golf 2018 Org 14 Sac pour chariot

  • 14-way top
  • Full length dividers
  • Magnetic pockets (for valuables)

Several points to consider when choosing a golf bag

Choosing a golf bag comes down to a combination of personal experience, caution and taste. Casual players, for example, might gravitate towards a beginner bag that looks compact. While these beginner bags are lighter, they can also force a player to squeeze several clubs into a tight compartment. Assuming your clubs are valuable, you’ll want a bag that allows those clubs to slide in and out without being damaged.

Ideally, you will want a bag to have at least four central compartments, which you can use to hold up to 14 clubs (according to the rules). If possible, you will want this bag to have a lid or built-in rain fly to keep your clubs dry in case of a downpour. In addition, you’ll want this bag to have several pockets that you can use to store balls, tees, towels, water bottles and food.

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If you often choose to carry your own clubs (as opposed to using a caddy), then you will want a bag that has a cushioned strap. If you are used to walking every course (as opposed to using a cart), then you will want a bag that has club supports, so that you can hold the bag upright instead of laying it on its side.

Those with shoulder problems may want to invest in a bag with a sliding handle and a set of wheels on the back. If you have hip problems, it may be worth investing in a bag with a padded lining that won’t hit your waist. Or, if you just want to be comfortable and enjoy your day on the links, get a bag cart for.

How to store your golf bag
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When storing your golf bag, most experts recommend that you start by putting the smaller clubs first. These clubs should be stored inside the back compartment of the bag. The reason for this is that whenever a bag is tilted, the smallest clubs are always the least likely to tip over.

Assuming your bag has four central compartments, you will want to divide your irons chronologically into the bottom three compartments while placing your woods, wedge, and putter in the compartment closest to the strap. By distributing the weight evenly in this way, you’ll prevent your bag from becoming front-heavy, and it will be easier to locate a specific club each time you try to make a shot.

If you are constantly changing the set of clubs you play with, it may be useful to record a list of the clubs that belong to each compartment along the lip of your bag. Either that or use your mobile phone to take an aerial photo of your bag with all the clubs placed in the correct order.

As for the side pockets of the bag, the common-sense rule is that drinks and snacks should be placed in a separate pocket from towels and gloves. Balls and tees should have their own pockets and – because these items are used so often – these pockets should be near the top of the bag.