How to Buy TaylorMade Select ST Cart Bag

For unrestricted golfing, it should be your best companion. The golf bag is one of the most important accessories for golfers and can make life much easier for its owner. As long as you choose a model that is adapted to your needs!

What type of golf bag should I choose?

To choose the right golf bag, it is best to first determine your overall profile. Are you new to golf and don’t want to break the bank? Choose a golf bag, which has the advantage of being as light on the budget as it is on the ground. More commonly used, the tripod golf bag offers the best value for money. Its ability to stand upright makes it very practical to use and offers a good level of storage. It does a good job of protecting your clubs from wear and tear, but it must be worn on the back, which can be a strain. You may want to consider the golf cart bag. As the name implies, this high-end format can be attached to a cart for easy transport.

TaylorMade Select ST Cart Bag

 TaylorMade Select ST Cart Bag

A lightweight, yet large golf bag

Walking the golf course is already a strenuous exercise for the body. On average, you can carry up to 10 kg of golf equipment, which can be very demanding. That’s why you’ll find more nylon bags these days, which are very light and flexible. Although more premium and durable, leather can only be considered as an option when opting for a cart bag. Combine this criterion with the choice of size, expressed in inches. A good golf bag should also be able to carry a wide variety of clubs. For this purpose, a minimum size of 8 inches is ideal for regular practice.

Handling and finish of the golf bag

There are also a few important details to consider, such as the quality and number of carrying handles. A good golf bag should have one at the top, and two in the middle. To be a perfectionist, look at the finishing touches: rain cover, tee pocket: many small details can make the bag of your dreams perfect!

Where to buy a golf bag?

There are three ways to buy a golf bag. You can choose general sporting goods stores, with their competitive prices. For higher-end products, some country clubs offer on-site sales outlets. Finally, you can choose the fierce competition of the Internet with specialists like or Prices range from 60 euros for entry-level products to more than 300 euros for prestige products.