How to Choose the Best Hybrid Golf Bag


The amount of gear you need to carry during a round of golf can be a burden if you are ill-equipped. Our team presents you with the best hybrid golf bag available on the market in April 2022 to make the right choice.

How to Choose the Right best hybrid golf bag?

If you are not lucky enough to have a caddy to carry your bag like the Pros on the Tour, it is essential to choose one that suits your game and your needs. There are many different cheap golf bags available in terms of size, weight, carrying system, number of compartments, and aesthetics.

The most important point to address is the carrying system which will determine the type of bag to buy. If you prefer to carry your bag on your shoulders, a Tripod Golf Bag will suit you perfectly. On the other hand, if you want to take the strain off your back, which already suffers enough on a daily basis, a Trolley Golf Bag will be much more suitable.

The number of storage compartments and their position on your best hybrid golf bag are details to watch out for before buying. You will need to determine the number of pockets you will need to store your balls, tee, pitch rest, cap, and Bushnell rangefinder. You will also need to decide if you want a bag that holds your clubs in bulk or a bag that is compartmentalized with a place for each club. The advantage of a compartmentalized bag is that your clubs won’t clash with each other as you pack them away or walk around the course. This protects them from wear and tear and prevents them from making unpleasant noises as you move around the fairways.

The different types of Golf Bag

The Tripod Golf Bag

Taylormade Tripod Bag As its name suggests, the tripod golf bag is a portable bag that stands upright when placed on the course. Best Hybrid Golf Bag allows you to have your clubs quickly available to play your next shot and this in a practical way without bending down. The tripods deploy automatically with a foot pedal under the bag. When you put the bag on the ground, the tripod will open instantly under the weight of the bag without any effort on your part.

This is the most classic and popular type of golf bag.

Tripod bags are more compact and lighter but have a little less storage space than cart bags. However, they are still more than adequate for playing golf with all the necessary equipment. Shoulder straps allow you to carry the bag on your shoulders. I also recommend that you check the bag for cushioning in the back area to take the strain off your spine.

The Chariot Golf Bag

Titleist Golf Cart Bag The Titleist Golf Cart Bag is designed to be carried on a cart and is ideal for taking the weight off of your shoulders. They are generally a larger size with more storage space. They will also be heavier if you put more things in them. However, transporting them by cart, whether manual or electric, will be a great relief regardless of the weight of the bag.

Best Golf Cart Bags are also often more rigid, more resistant, and therefore more expensive than the tripod golf bags.

The Tour Bag

Taylormade Staff Golf Tour BagHigh-end golf bag, designed for professional golfers playing on pro tours like the European Tour or the PGA Tour. Even bigger than the cart bags, they have a very large storage space. Tour Bags, also known as Staff Bags, are usually carried by the player’s caddy. They are of exceptional quality, and resistant to all tests, allowing better longevity and less wear.

The Pencil Bag

Titleist Pencil Bag Also known as the Practice Bag or Pencil Bag, these are the smallest and lightest bags on the market. They are portable with or without tripods. These golf bags are ideal for golfers with a single half set or who only want to carry a few practice clubs.

The Waterproof Golf Bag

When you’re a golf fan and the wet season arrives, you don’t want to stop playing despite the rain. So you need to protect yourself from the elements and your golf equipment to play. And rain is a year-round hazard for golfers in temperate climates.

Buying a waterproof golf bag is becoming a necessity and is not just for the rainy months but is useful for all seasons. Of course, you’ll need it more in the fall and spring. But that alone represents 3 seasons out of 4, that is to say 9 months out of 12 where the risk of wet weather is more important.

On the other hand, we are never safe from a shower or thunderstorms in summer. These are sometimes brief but intense and your golf equipment should not get wet and become unplayable.

The Travel Golf Bag (Travel Bag)

Indispensable for globetrotters who want to take their favorite clubs on a weekend or vacation. The Travel Golf Bag is additional protection for your equipment when transporting it by car, bus, train or plane. The hard or soft covers will offer great protection to your bag and its contents.

Opt for a hard travel bag for maximum protection or a soft one for ease of transport. Provide wheels to improve transportation, especially in stations and airports.

Indispensable Golf Bag Features

Once you’ve chosen the type of bag that’s right for you, don’t forget to check out the many details of the bag that make a difference:

Type of club storage compartment: one-piece, 4-5 large compartments or individual compartments for each club

Number and size of storage pockets

Weight of the bare bag

Bag material: waterproof fabric, leather (regular maintenance required), synthetic materials

Carrying straps and handle for bags worn on the shoulders. Think about the reinforcement of the bag at the level of the back for a non-traumatic transport

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