How to Choose Your Next Best Golf Bags for Push Carts Easily?


Looking for the new best golf bags for push carts? Believe me, I understand you. As the calendar flies by each year, when we usually look at our bag, we realize how worn and torn it is from the past year. We assume this means you play a lot of golf and are not to be pitied. Plus, it’s always nice to get some new mini golf bags to look and feel good on the course.

You may be deciding between a cart bag and a tripod bag and not sure what a tripod bag can do for you. While cart bags offer much more storage space, they are not as practical, especially if you train a lot.

Think about it, if you’re going to the driving range or putting green, it’s hard to carry a spartina golf bag. Plus, they usually don’t stand up, which means you have to put them down (or watch them fall) when you practice.

If you’re playing golf in the UK or somewhere cold, this isn’t ideal. Not to mention, if you want to walk nine holes, it becomes much more difficult with a heavy, oversized cart bag.

A tripod bag, on the other hand, is lightweight, doesn’t take up as much space in your car or garage, and is preferred by avid players. You can still fit all of your clubs in your bag. It also has plenty of storage space so you can easily play 18 holes with it.

But like everything else in golf these days, there are more choices than ever. In this article, we’ll help you determine what you need in a tripod golf bag and our top choices available.

⛳ How to choose the perfect golf bags?

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As you can see, there are tons of choices when it comes to finding the best tripod golf bag. To make it easier for you, we’re going to walk you through the six most important things to consider to easily choose the right bag for your game. If you’ve been using a cart bag for a long time, this will be a big change, so be sure to check it out before you buy your new bag.

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▪️ Weight.

This is probably the most crucial factor when it comes to choosing the right tripod bag, as you’ll be carrying it the most. And even if you decide to push it on a cart, weight is still an essential factor, as the best golf bags for push carts works your arms and shoulders and tire you out throughout your game.

Don’t get me wrong, while the overall price is important, finding a lightweight bag is just as important for your body. The last thing you want is to try to save a few bucks for a heavier bag that isn’t easy on your back.

When choosing your bag, we recommend choosing one that weighs less than two kilos. There are also some ultralight bags that weigh less than a pound, which is ideal for senior golfers who want to get more exercise.

If you want a lightweight bag for walking, still make sure you don’t give up protection or storage. Also, don’t keep anything in your bag that isn’t 100% vital to your round. We suggest keeping extra gear and clothing in your car trunk.

▪️ Straps and padding.

If weight is important, don’t forget the strap system either. If you plan on walking more often than you used to, make sure you invest in a bag with a backpack strap system. This makes carrying so much easier than a single strap. For some bags, this is how they are made, while for others, you may have to pay extra for a second strap. Be sure to check before you hit the buy button.

Another important consideration is the padding of the straps themselves. You’ll notice that some bags are much more padded than others. Some even offer to pad in the hip area, where the bag will touch your body when you wear it.

Remember, the average golf course is 5 miles or more! Knowing this, make sure you get a bag that is comfortable, ergonomic, and won’t hinder your level of play.

▪️ Club protection (separation system).

One of the big advantages of cart bags over tripod bags is the amount of protection for each club. Most cart bags have 14 individual compartments for each club, with dividers from top to bottom. These full-length dividers protect the shafts as well as the club heads from impact and better protect your clubs.

Unfortunately, most tripod golf bags only have 4 or 5 compartments and can only hold 3 or 4 clubs each. However, there are now. If you’re using super expensive irons, it’s worth splurging for a bag with 14 separate compartments.

▪️ best golf bags for push carts appearance.

Most bags look similar, with one main color and maybe one or two complementary colors. If not, be sure to buy a bag that matches your climate. If you play in conditions that are often wet and muddy, don’t opt for white or a light color. While they look great for a while, they get dirty quickly and are not easy to clean.

We would opt for a darker golf bag for wet conditions and you can always swap it out for a lighter-colored bag for the summer.

▪️ Storage Space in best golf bags for push carts

Another advantage of cart golf bags over tripod bags is the large storage space. But if you’re willing to carry a few extra pounds, some tripod bags have five or more pockets. This will give you plenty of storage space for your golf gadgets, rangefinders, balls, and other golf accessories. Keep in mind that if you choose an ultralight bag, you’ll usually lose 2 or 3 pockets to keep it as light as possible.

▪️ What price for a tripod bag?

The last thing to think about is how much you want to spend on your golf bag. Most tripod bags are generally fairly affordable compared to a golf cart bag. You can find some high-end models that can be expensive. But as always, you get what you pay for when it comes to quality. Also, don’t forget to think about the long term. While some bags may cost more upfront, they can also last two or three times as long.

▪️ Golf bag accessories including best golf bags for push carts

Now that you have a better idea of what’s out there and how to choose the right bag for you, don’t forget about accessories. Here are some additional items you may need when purchasing your golf bag.

Bag straps: Unfortunately, not all bags come with a double strap system. If yours doesn’t, you can purchase one separately to make it easier to carry over your shoulders.

Travel Cover: If you are taking your clubs on vacation, make sure they are protected and not damaged. Unfortunately, airlines don’t seem to care about this sport like we do and rarely ever take care of your stuff like we would like.

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