Ogio Shadow Fuse 304 Golf Stand Bag


Ogio shadow fuse 304 golf stand bag is producing best performance for the golfers. Lots f professional players are buying this shadow fuse 304 golf stand bags for the best game ever.  This is one of the best golf bags with great mobility and comfort. Because of its designs and features, this bag already attracted the golfers. Golfers will feel much comfort while carrying this stand bag for sure. The weight of this bag is less than 5 pounds with 4 way divided top and also integrated carry handle so that golfers can keep fully organized.

The shoulder strap is fully modified according to the bags design and weight. The shoulder strap is also created for improved weight distribution, balance and surely for custom fit adjustability. You can easily carry all your important gears through this bag because of large and small pockets and other best features. Even these famous golf bags are getting huge popularity.


Ogio Shadow Fuse 304 Golf Stand Bag

  • The Ogio shadow fuse 304 golf stand bag is manufactured according to a performance-focused.
  • One of the best lightweight golf bags and gives pure comfort to its user.
  • Premium Lightweight Anti Abrasion ripstop fabric is highly used.
  • Best Performance will take place because ultra-refined integrated design produces great efficiency in weight.
  • This Bag is made with the best materials. So that the durability will be one of the best features.

More Features

  • ► Weight distribution is totally great because this bag contains redesigned straps and a fit disc system► Ogio Shadow bag is an example of perfect balance which gives pure comfort to the golfers.► Shadow Bag contains stash pockets so that carrying this bag will be very easy and walking with this bag will be in a comfort zone.► Containing 4 way top with handle and 5 zippered pockets are really making this Ogio bag tremendous.
  • More Features

    ► Golfers can enjoy this bag in a rainy session because of its water-resistance system. Any single drop of water cannot make any gear wet because of the water-resistance system.
    ► Added retention loop, towel loop, pen etc. even golfers will enjoy adjustable umbrella cord to carry their favorite umbrella.
    ► Ogio Shadow bag contains quick access pockets and these features make this bag the best golf bag.


    • The main compartment of this bag is large
    • Containing fleece-lined valuables pockets
    • Added water resistance zippers
    • Removal Ball Pocket Panel
    • Wight is 4.4 Lbs


    • No insulated cooler pockets
    • No Mod Case included


    The Ogio shadow 304 golf stand bag is highly designed to give proper comfort to the golfers. Shoulder straps are highly designed beautifully so that golfers can have balance in weight even the comfort will never let you down the bag in the field. The custom-fit adjustability is totally great.


    Weight is another important fact when you are going to buy golf bags. Famous golf bags contain a weight that can be carried by golfers easily. The actual weight of this golf bag is 4.4 Lbs which is light. The material is ultra-durable 200D polyester rip stock fabric which is helping the bag to produce the best comfort and light in weight.


    Pockets are very important for all types of golf bags. While walking you can become thirsty. Ogio shadow fuse 304 golf bag contains walking-accessible stash pockets. You can get easy access to water bottles, mobile phones, and other important gears through the stash pockets.

    Umbrella holder

    Ogio shadow fuse 304 golf stand bags contain an umbrella holder, towel loop, and pen holder. In rainy sessions, rain can come anytime so this bag contains the umbrella cord so that golfers can easily carry the umbrella.


    These famous golf bags contain large compartments with four dividers. These dividers will help golfers to keep his all clubs organized and separate from each other.

    It’s very easy to carry this bag because Ogio company added a carry handle on top for easy carrying. Even any golfer can carry this bag easily.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Can I use the cart to carry this bag?
    Answer: Yes it’s up to you how you want to carry
    Question: how many pockets are there?
    Answer: there are 5 ykk zippered pockets.
    Question: what is the weight?
    Answer: usually this bag contains 4.4 Lbs of weight and is quite a lightweight bag this is

    Final words

    So in this stage, you might have read the features, pros, and cons of this Ogio shadow fuse 304 golf stand bag. This bag is one of the famous golf bags for golfers. The price of this golf bag is affordable and the features are really impressive. I have written the full review because I just wanted to let you know each line of this best golf bag. Really golfers can easily carry this bag, even they will happy to have the bag because lots of pockets are there. Pocket zippers are made by the world’s best ykk company.
    You can also visit some other best golf bags here.

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