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Sun Mountain 2018 C-130 Golf Cart Bag

If you are searching for the best golf bags you have come to the right place I guess. We are one of the famous company reviewing such outstanding famous golf bags. When you will know something about the product it will help you to explore and help you to get lots of ideas about it.

So sun mountain 2018 C-130 best Golf cart bags is one of the best and famous golf bags for a golfer. You will be pleased to see these best golf bags because of its durability, its beautiful design with USA text, its affordable price and so many lots of features. This sun mountains best selling bag on Amazon for sure. Sun mountain cart bag contains three velour-lined valuable pockets even one of them is totally water resistant. One of the new features is smart strap system which allows golfers to get rid of twisting on a cart.

Features of Sun Mountain 2018 C-130
Best Golf Cart Bags

Before you buy a product you should know the features. Only features will drive a buyer to buy anything he or she wants. So I will prefer to read full features and then take a decision.

Newly Designed Cart Bag

3 Utility handles are integrated

This famous golf bag is updated with the latest and new designs with an extra original look. Golf Digest has listed this bag also on their website. All the features are updated by sun mountain

In this bag, manufacture company has added 3 utility handles and those handles are integrated into the top to get the bag on and off the cart without any effort or effortlessly.  You will never feel any effort to move this bag around the cart

Eye-catching color

Accessible when the bag is on a cart

Sun Mountain golf bag is created with such eye-catching color. This famous golf bag consists of blue red and white color. Even you will see USA text written in the bag.

Whether you are on course or not you can easily access your bag. This bag is highly designed with some world class features that allows a golfer to buy it.

10.5”, 14-way top design with full-length dividers

10 pockets

14-way top design with full-length dividers will help protect the clubs and dividers.

Golfers can easily carry anything they want because this famous golf bag contains 10 extra pockets. Whenever you want you can just put anything into it even you will be able to carry beverages using pockets.

New smart strap

Sun mountain designed this bag with new features like a smart strap. This new strap will help golfers to hold the bag on and off the field.

Cart compatible base



One of the best and well-designed golf bag

3 Integrated top handles

Integrated putter well

Umbrella holder

Towel ring

Includes rain hood

Weight: 6.9 lbs

Base on true golfers

Final Words

In 2018 everyone is searching for the new golf bags. Sun mountain have created this best golf bags for the legend golfers. The golf bag is one of the best gear for golfers because it will help them to carry all the goods with them. This famous sun mountain golf bags will allow you to get updated with the latest features. Affordable price with eye-catching design is waiting for you to rock the golf planet.