Team Golf NCAA Unisex-Adult Victory Golf Cart Bag

The golf market is full of a multitude of golf bag brands and models. How do you find your way around them? Which brand and which type of golf bag should you choose according to your needs? We take stock of the situation in this article to help you choose the ideal golf bag.

There are two worlds in conflict: on the one hand, golfers who carry their bag by the sweat of their brow on the course for several kilometers and on the other, golfers who push their bag on a cart to make life easier on the fairways.

Team Golf NCAA Unisex-Adult Victory Golf Cart Bag

Team Golf NCAA Unisex-Adult Victory Golf Cart Bag
  • Origin
  • Imported
  • Brand
  • Team Golf
  • Color
  • Multi-Team Color
  • Material
  • Nylon
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH
  • 36 x 13 x 12 inches

Tripod bags, as the name implies, are bags that rest on hinged legs that open automatically when the bag is placed on the ground. These are golf bags that are carried on the golfer’s shoulders and are not suitable for transport on a cart. The advantage of this type of bag is that it is lighter without the clubs and is more compact than a cart bag. They are still the majority on the golf course, although the number of golfers with a golf cart is increasing. The disadvantage of this type of bag is the weight on the golfer’s shoulders during 18 holes, which can cause unnecessary fatigue.

In order to free themselves from this constraint and better concentrate on their game, many players equip themselves with a cart on which to carry their bag. Thus, there are specific bags designed to be attached to a cart. Cart bags are often larger but have more pockets and therefore more space to store all the accessories that the golfer needs on the course. The shape of the cart bag is less long and more curved. This type of bag does not have articulated legs that can be deployed but a seat that allows it to be held securely on a cart.

Other types of bags can be found in golf clubs. This is the case with the pencil bag, which is most often found at the driving range. Indeed, the pencil bag is an ultra-light bag without compartments intended to carry a simple half set for example without going on the course.

More rarely, you can find Tour bags designed for pro golfers on the professional circuit. Tour bags are even larger than cart bags and are carried on the player’s cart. They can still be placed on a cart.

The different brands of golf bags

The quality classics

Everyone knows the brands Titleist, Callaway, Taylormade, Ping or Srixon to name a few. These great brands are so well known and recognized that it is rare to be disappointed by their equipment. Orienting yourself towards one or the other is not necessarily appropriate. The choice of a brand or a model is based on the desires and taste of each person. Maybe you want to buy a bag of the same brand as your iron set. Or maybe it doesn’t matter to you and you want to buy a bag that you like aesthetically regardless of the brand. Whatever you decide, it matters to you.

Nevertheless, here are some useful details to look at before buying a golf bag:

Choice of tripod bag, cart or pencil bag

Bag size, number of compartments

Bag weight

Material: leather, synthetic, rainproof

Carrying straps and back reinforcement

Number of compartments to store your clubs

Our selection of original golf bags

If you’re tired of seeing the classics all the time and want to stand out from your playing partners, here’s our selection of original golf bags to shine on the fairways.

Big Max golf bags

The Austrian brand knows how to create quality products. Specialized in the design of manual and electric golf carts, it ranks 1st in sales in Europe while the competition is tough! This shows its aura and its recognition by the amateurs of the little white ball. Big Max golf bags are reputed to be waterproof and very strong, providing long-lasting resistance and durability over time. Our favorite: the Big Max Aqua Silencio 2 bag with compartments for the clubs so that they do not collide during transport for total silence when you are on the move.

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