The Different Types of Best Golf Bags: Which One to Choose?


Choosing the Best Golf Bag: Tips and Buying Guide

While a good golf bag won’t directly improve your game, it can certainly make walking and moving around the course more enjoyable. Conversely, a bag with a poor strap design, poor balance, or lack of storage space can quickly make your game unpleasant.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the advantages of each bag and the criteria you should consider when buying one.

Do you already know what type of bag you want to buy? We invite you to check out our comparisons to find the best tripod golf bags and the best cart bags available.

The golf bag with a tripod is known as the most versatile bag since it has both straps to carry it on the back and a support mechanism that allows it to stand upright and thus make it easier to pick up and store the clubs. While the tripods make the bag a little heavier, it is still quite light.

This is the most popular type of bag for golf enthusiasts because it is lightweight yet roomy enough to carry your golf equipment.

Criteria for choosing a golf bag

Once you have determined the type of golf club bag that best suits your needs, it’s time to consider different criteria to make the right choice.


When purchasing a golf bag, keep in mind that your bag will follow you around the course. If you are the type of person who carries it on his back, the weight of the bag is a criterion to take into account and not to neglect.


In your bag, you’ll need enough space and pockets to store your clubs as well as your balls, tees, umbrellas, rangefinders, and other golf accessories that you want to take on the course.


Dividers are important to keep your clubs organized and to make it easier to remove and replace them in the bag. For most players, a golf club bag with six to 10 dividers is sufficient. However, if you have a more complete set of clubs, a bag with 14 or 15 compartments may be more suitable.

Note that in general, higher-end bags have dividers that go all the way up the bag, while lower-end bags only have a divider at the top of the bag.


If you like to play in all seasons, we recommend that you pay attention to this criterion and opt for a waterproof golf bag. However, if you want to play in the rain, choose a bag that not only has material but also has waterproof closures.


Unless your golf bag never leaves your cart, chances are you’ll wear it on your back from time to time. Padded, comfortable straps are a must. Also, some bags, in addition to backpack-style straps, come with a shoulder strap and a handle so you can carry it in a variety of ways.

To sum up: which golf bag to buy?

Before making a purchase, it is important to identify your needs and select the bag that best meets your requirements. Do you only want one bag? Choose the tripod bag, which is the most versatile. You don’t want to carry your bag when you go out? Choose the cart bag that you can put on a push cart, an eclectic cart or on the back of a cart.

If you’re looking for a bag for special occasions, tour bags are perfect, while practice bags are a great addition and can be very practical because of their simplicity.

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